Monday, April 27, 2009

Janet Napolitano's Got Your Back!!!

Does that make you feel safe? How about Kathleen Selbelius? The Health lady--you know--the one who supports partial birth abortion--she really cares about life and health, right?

Those two hold a significant amount of the responsibility for public safety between them, but although I heard that the Tokyo airport started checking folks' temperatures as early as Saturday, New York airports are aware that a group of school kids from Mexico arrived in NYC and didn't bat an eye.

And how 'bout this? Today there were 3 jets following similar flight plans to the splash landing a few weeks ago over Manhattan and some folks evacuated their office building. (Low level airplanes and New York don't seem like a good fit.) Anyway, apparently they were cleared by the FAA to do some low level photography. Now, I don't know how it is where you live, but here in Jackson County, Michigan, if the DPW is planning to flush fire hydrants they put notices in the newspaper and on the radio to let folks know there is nothing devastating happening to their water supply when it turns brown for a few hours. (We also are used to the alarm system being tested every First Saturday at noon to be sure it is working.)

Wouldln't you think that with all the junk email and fax capability in this country the FAA or Homeland Security could at least have let the Security Departments of major buildings in Manhattan know that this event would happen between 10 and 10:30 today? What the heck happened to commen sense around here, anyway?

Since Obama covered his tracks this morning while talking to the National Academy of Science and nothing is his fault, how about someone suggesting that even though he wants amnesty for illegal immigrants he might want to think about stemming the tide of what he inherited as far as a swine flu epidemic is concerned........
Border security, anyone?

It's a little earlier than usual, so "sleep well" doesn't seem quite appropriate, but God Bless still covers it. See you tomorrow.

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