Friday, April 24, 2009

Pelosi Wouldn't Know the Truth if it Hit Her in the Face!

Get your programs here!! You can't tell the players without a program!! You can't even recognize the game without a program---

There are so many games of intrigue being played it's a total distraction so it looks like Cheney is right. Better open everything up and deal with the results hoping that we can protect our youngsters in the military against the politicians who are trying to save their own skins. The entirety of the minutes is necessary so there can be no "he said, she said" or "I don't recall" or "Not to my knowledge" to obfuscate their answers.

What started out as deliberate distractions on Obama's part in order for him to play his shell games are turning out to be more like a video game with multiple players all zeroing in on each other with lightening speed. Basically, we have only one option at this time: STAY FOCUSED.

Plan on the next Tea Party. If you happen to have a Congressional office in your town that would be a good location for the next one. And I've already determined that although I just waved a flag last week, I'm carrying a sign next time which will read "NO NEW PROGRAMS."

OOh, yes-before I forget. Statistics are meaningless unless we know the details. The last unemployment figures indicated over 13% unemployment in Jackson County, but I don't know the basis for the figures. Is the number a percentage of the last census numbers or is it a percentage of the guesstimated population at the present time given that X number of people have left the county. And throughout the state, as well. It makes a big difference, right? If anyone knows, please share.

Have a lovely weekend. God bless.........

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