Monday, April 6, 2009

Are We Just Going to Rubber Stamp the United Nations Now?

The European trip by the Obamas (a great second honeymoon, right?) appears to be the forerunner to the little splish-splash we will be making by joining the Human Rights Council. Demeaning the United States creates less and less legitimacy for our country so that the world will not expect as much from us in the future. (Wonder if he has thought about the fact that if he describes us as a second rate nation, it makes him the leader of a second rate nation.)

By insinuating that Gitmo needs to be closed because of our proclivity to torture and all around bad character of our military he is lowering us to the same standards as the other countries who we will now be joining on the Human Rights Council. We will be lumped with the rest of the countries such as the Congo, Pakistan, Sudan (I suppose their ethnic cleansing in Darfur is the same as racial prejudice in the United States during the last 155 years) and, hopefully we will be on the side of the angels the next time they condemn Israel but it won't do any good, we'd be outnumbered.

Have you ever heard of the Human Rights Council criticizing China, Cuba or any of the other countries whose citizens have no clue as to the concept of freedom? Do you think our presence on the Council will change that?

So what will be the end result of the Obama Doctrine or whatever he decides to call this change? You may not agree that "if they aren't with us they're against us" but will you find yourself in the position of legitimizing those on the Council by our request for membership indicating that by not objecting to their behavior we are, in effect, supporting it?

My parents taught me and my siblings that if we find some behavior offensive and don't speak out against it we are condoning it. (Guess that's why having a blog somes naturally.) Just think about it, please.

God bless........

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Half the time.

The other half we'll be the ones taking them by the hand and leading them merrily down the path of nonsense.