Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Relax! There Will Be No Witch Hunt--

At least logic tells me that Obama is at least smart enough to realize that if he follows the lead of the Soros/Leahy extreme liberal group who want to put everyone from Bush on down on trial, he opens himself to some sleepless nights.

How? Because he still has 3 years and 9 months to keep a lid on things. If he opens the door to putting the last administration on trial and there is another attempt at a terror attack either in this country or against an American embassy or American ship, he could be the one holding the bag for failing to protect. He is, in fact, indicating that his way is better than Bush's and if he fails, he is stepping in a whole lot of stuff that'll be too big for a plastic bag and a pooper-scooper.

We have another surprise, at least to some of us, in the Jackson political field. A member of a prominent Jackson family which most people would identify with pro-life issues as practicing Catholics has filed to run for Mayor. However, since she has contributed large sums to the pro-abortion Mark Schauer, you can see which party she has affiliated and identifies herself with. (The city election is non-partisan, so no one has to carry a label.) There's just never a dull moment.

As always, sleep well and God bless.........

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Wedge said...

The present mayor, Mr. Ludwig, put it wisely when he said the job is a parttime situation. Someone like a realtor would be at a disadvantage finding time to handle all the onerous tasks of the city. Besides that, Ms. Dunnigan just isn't a genuine person. Thumbs down