Friday, April 17, 2009

Thoughts about Capital Punishment and Penalties for Crimes

In a column by Peter Luke the other day he was moaning about how much tougher Michigan penalties for crime are as opposed to surrounding states and it occurred to me that maybe one reason is that since we don't have capital punishment we want to be sure some persons guilty of felonious assault are not let out on the streets to do it again. The revolving door of recidivism apparently has something to do with it.

And speaking of crime, particularly heinous crime, all this talk about Obama visiting with Caastro and possibly Chavez (should their paths cross) reminds me that their prisons are full of political prisoners. Somehow I just can't get over this problem I have with rewarding incompetence or bad behavior. Since we are now on the path to rewarding the countries on the UN Human Rights Council, it looks like relationships with Cuba and Venezuela are right in line with this.

That, plus the fact that we are all to be punished if we break EPA rules and laws against CO2, makes me wonder if there are enough jails for those of us who can't afford to pay the astronomical fines (taxes) for heating and cooling our homes. Or
could Mark Schauer get a clause in the law which would allow house arrest ala Maddox if we are over retirement age?

And one last thought: is there such a thing as adult onset of ADD? It just seems that Obama just can't sit still. How many nights has he spent in the White House since the inauguration? Isn't he just a travelin' man?


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Anonymous said...

Lola- I think if Michigan wants to get serious about crime, they need to consider Capital Punishment. Some of these murderers that get caught red handed, or the police find a torso in the garage ect... When there is witnesses and real proof the person is guilty. I think capital punishment sends a real strong message to the people that the state is not going to tolerate crime.

Take a look at these penalties, I'd be willing to bet there ain't going to be much crime, with laws like this!

"extremists are laying the groundwork for religious courts to dispense brutal punishments under their harsh interpretation of Islamic law.

The leader of the group, Sufi Mohammad, said penalties including flogging, chopping off hands and stoning to death must be available to Swat's Islamic courts.

Floggings are the proper punishment for sexual intercourse between unmarried people, drinking alcohol and slander, Mohammad said. Thieves should have their hands chopped off, except for poor people who steal to feed themselves. The punishment for adultery is death by stoning."

As for Chavez, they ought to throw Shitgo, I mean Citgo out of this country. For him nationalizing and pretty much stealing all them Exxon oil rigs.

Anonymous said...

Something just ain't right about a murderer, going to jail for 5 or 7 years, then getting out on good behavior. Their victims are gone forever, its not like they can come back to their families and friends after a few years.

For people who don't like to work, prison may not even be much of a punishment.