Friday, April 3, 2009

Europe To Take Guantanamo Prisoners??!!

Reactions to Obama speech in Strasbourg today.

Wild applause at the line when Obama was stroking the predominantly French and German audience and announced the closing of Guantanamo. How about letting him know how pleased we are that he brought up the potential to send the prisoners to France. Now let's hold him to it.

He spoke of the new generation rising up in America. My thought: the one that was raised on drugs, liberal educators and anti war demonstrators which started the disrespect of the military by the Democrats?

We have emerged from an era of irresponsibility. He may see his parents that way, but my 40+ and 50+ year old kids truly don't look at their parents that way.

Americans really need a health care system that is reliable and cost effective. At this point I'm going to say "I'll get back to you" because I really need to do some research on disease frequencies, general well being and life expectancy. Since cost effectiveness is so important to him, I wonder which of us he is going to start the withholding of care to keep costs down. Any volunteers?

Americans are responsible for a disproportionate share of the planet's carbon footprint. We should follow the European lead. (But woe to anyone who might mention nuclear power plants.) My question: Since a good share of our production goes to help out the rest of the world in all types of foreign aid, has anyone ever bothered to pro rate the benefits? Wonder what that picture would look like.......

Back to the domestic front. Since Obama is now running GM and since he absolutely will not let his union support suffer in any way, apparently the goats will be the stock and bondholders of the company. That presents the strong probability that no private individuals of firms will invest in the company. Soooo, where does he (and the rest of us) go from here?

Busy day tomorrow........
god bless.......

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