Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Psychology 101-Are You Scared Yet?

What's the first rule of defense? A good offense! So, if you're concerned that you are going to be caught whether it be a lie, a theft, adultery or whatever other little aspect of bad behavior you might be indulging in, what should you do? Why, point the finger at someone else and exclaim, "Look at what he's doing!!"

So Obama has a few things he doesn't want to talk about so he uses Napolitano to try to make everyone look at their neighbors and start wondering which ones are going to end up in a headline on the local media "local gentleman, described as very quiet is member of right wing extremist group."

He goes abroad and makes nice with all the friends and enemies of the United States (that used to be either/or and is now sort of a lumped together term for everyone but us) and apologizes for helping them get back on their feet after man made disasters, natural disasters, wars fought for their freedoms because at the time we hadn't lost any, and being the leader of the world in sending aid in the form of dollars, food, equipment, etc., etc. who are plotting and planning to attack our country and take the most valuable asset of all: our freedoms.

Last week he insisted in Georgetown Univ. covering the basic tenet (IHS)of their existence so he could look more Presidential, and in a couple of weeks he sticks his other thumb in the eyes of all Catholics and most Christians who share some of our basic values by playing his famous "Gotcha Game."

There are so many examples of our President lampooning his constituents that now we have to wonder not about the right wing guys, but just how many of the 57% who voted for him are dyed-in-the-wool liberal socialists who would rather see us as a part of the One-World community. They all have a vote.

The Jackson Cit Pat spoke about the huge and expensive battle for the 19th Senate District contest. We are all going to have to work to keep some pretty terrible things from happening. The Stryker money behind Griffin will probably be scattered throughout the legislature so it will be difficult to trace, but you know Schauer will be right in the thick of that "banking" system. We'll try to tell you how to dig it out.

Roll up your sleeves and get ready.........God bless.........

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