Monday, April 13, 2009

Senior Citizen Pill Pushers"

The latest scandal in Florida, so they say, is the illegal use of legal, prescription drugs. The usual scary statistics on a $2 oxycodin pill going for $20 on the street, drug overdoses because folks don't think something legal can be dangerous, you know the drill--has anyone put together the words Florida and Senior Citizen? The next thing is going to be suicide rates going up.

Seems to me that seniors on a limited income can be augmenting their resources by doctor/pill shopping for their old-aage arthritic, sciatic, etc. pain problems. Because they are generally viewed sympathetically by the media and the people who make their living by servicing their needs. It will probably be a while before this becomes as obvious to law enforcement as it should be. We'll see......

And then we have the mystery of what is the real motive between Obama's thoughts about naming Caroline Kennedy as Vatican Envoy at Kerry's suggestion. Could it actually be Kerry getting back at Obama for some real or imagined slight? Or could it be just another power play by Obama sticking his thumb in the eye of the Catholic Church? Or is it another "mistake" from not doing enough homework on the appointment? Or is it payback because folks are protesting his Honorary degree from Notre Dame?

Ah, let us count the ways. He so badly wants to prove that we are not a Christian nation; that there is no moral value system in the United States; that there is no one in the country who can win on a one on one with him; that he has not satisfied his need to embarrass anyone who disagrees with him; and that's probably just a few of the ways we can count that demonstrate that he is absolutely NOT interested in reaching across the aisle. He spoke truth to power when he told the Republicans to deal with it, he won, they lost and here's Sebelius as head of HHS.

Oh, and if I needed another reason to dislike the President on a personal level I found it today. He copped my dog's name!!! My Bouvier, Bo, wears a Michigan collar and is a rescue dog due to unfortunate circumstaces with his original owners. Here in Michigan Bo was an early victim of the Michigan job market.

True story: a few years ago we were looking at different breeds when there were no more kids at home to rough house with a dog needing exercise. We loved the Portugese Water Dog, but they cost $3000! And that's the story of our first Bouv rescue who gave us 10 great years.

God bless all the dogs and their families.......

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