Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chicago Politics in Ann Arbor??


No, couldn't be, or could it?

In case you haven't heard there is a part of the Stimulus package dealing with helping folks winterize their homes to help with heating bills. Apparently when a request is made a "Winterization Board" visits the householder to examine the construction needs of the home and ask all the pertinent questions and fill out all the forms to help them.

It is rumored that among the "necessary" information are telephone numbers, both land lines and cell phones, plus internet addresses including facebook, twitter and all the other avenues of communication. Does this remind you of the stories we heard about the millions of emails sent to supporters of the Obama campaign during the past couple of years? You know, the "we'll give you a free ticket to an event in exchange for your email address?"

It reminds me of some of the UAW tactics when an election is coming up. The men and women on the factory floor are given groups of 10-20 co-workers to whom they are to distribute political literature and then on election day (a day off for them) they are instructed to be sure that each of those on their list have voted. This part is not a rumor--I was shown a UAW handbook describing this activity during the 2004 campaign.

So keep your eyes and ears open. And if anyone knows whether or not this is legal we'd appreciate finding out for sure.

Also, we don't want to make you as paranoid as we are, but have been told that it is absolutely true that law enforcement agencies on all levels were put on alert during the Tea Parties last week. We all carry that extreme right wing label now. Given the other option, I'M PROUD!

Try--to sleep well. God bless.........

3 comments: said...

They're being exported across the country these days, I'm afraid.


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quigonjames said...

Thanks Maria, if there's one place where it's hard to find porn it's online. :( I don't know if it's my rebellious nature or what but it's nice to be considered a threat from this administration.