Thursday, January 1, 2009

Random thoughts

Watching all these (boring?) bowl games certainly allows time to stray from the plot of the book I have on my lap. So here goes...

#1-Why in the world would Penn State give that old guy a 3 year contract to sit in the booth and watch his staff work? When you hear the gripe sessions from alums of other colleges you gotta wonder about the Penn State grads, right?

#2-Again on the bowl games. This looks like an industry unto itself. Wonder if anyone has put a dollar value on the average bowl game attendance/cost per customer.
Air fare, hotel, meals, entertainment, photos, souvenirs, etc.

#3-Leads to the general economy and the haves and the have-nots. The family who spends $12,000 on going to a bowl game could make the mortgage payments for a year for another family. Just an observation. A recession is just that, a higher than usual percentage of folks out of work, but most of us are not in big trouble but actually have an opportunity to think about spending more wisely. And wonder of wonders, enough people have enough to spare to help those in need. God bless us all.

#4-More on mortgage payments: A short WSJ column included a couple of websites to visit if you know someone who needs to restructure a home loan. The first note was: First, contact the company that services your mortgage. Then the websites can help find geographical aid. and They gave a phone number which I'm not sure is national or regional. 1-888-995-HOPE run by HOPE NOW, a coalition of counselors, servicers and providers and investors which puts homeowners in touch with servicers to find alternatives to foreclosure.

As with yesterday, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

See ya

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