Friday, January 9, 2009

The Government We Deserve?

You've heard that before, right? I've always hated using that philosophy to describe what to me is an "us vs them" game. Those who vote without reason, and win, do deserve what they get. But if I'm on the other side of the argument, and end up with the same government, do I actually deserve it? I would say no.

And that's what I think we are looking at this time around.

As referred to yesterday, Obama gives really, really great speeches. His command of the language and its vocabulary is far and above most public figures of the day. (My brain tells me he has a team of speech writers, but the words come from him and its well nigh impossible to separate the two.) He just makes it "sound" so good that most people just jump on the bandwagon without giving it a second thought.

Do most people realize that voting for a dictatorship in the name of "change" is exactly what we got? I do not go with the messiah refrain, but instead look at his election as being a coronation and we have a monarchy as a result. We also have all the trappings of nobility. The keepers of the purse (The Soros, Strykers, etal,) the noblemen and women who flutter around to do the king's bidding (Pelosi and Reid among others,) the town criers who spread the word (The NY Times, Washington Post, and left wing bloggers) and followed by all the other layers of privilege until you get to us at the bottom, the serfs.

So if you voted for Obama, you got what you wanted and deserve, just don't think that those of us who believe in capitalism and a free society for all, including life from conception 'til natural death, are getting what we deserve.

We ALL deserve better!

See ya.....

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