Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sec of State-Whip and a Chair or "Whisperer?"

Somehow I'm getting this vibe that tells me Secretary of State Condi Rice is like the "whisperer" who speaks subliminally and all the unspoken body language and nuances tell her what she needs to know about the tough guys she's dealing with and in return they know that this is one strong lady representing one strong country.

And the smartest woman in the world is going to charge in acting strong and using words that "prove" it all the while representing folks who are intent on a one-world philosophy. She talks about more foreign aid at a time when we can ill afford what we pay out now and it reminds me of the rich kid who tries to buy friendship.

I guess we'll have to wait and watch and while we're twiddling our thumbs does anyone want to take a bet on who wins the "we need a special prosecutor to investigate President Bush" vs the "we need to look forward, not backward" contest? The players here are Michigan's own Conyers and Levin tag teaming and a new President who is trying to take the lead in his party and his country. More watching and waiting needed. Who is really controlling this administration?

In the meantime it is vital that we let them know we are watching. Let our Michigan Senators and Representatives know we do care what is going on and we are keeping score. As it seems that we are in constant campaign mode these days, perhaps we'll get a little more than lip service.

See ya...

ps-Didja know that Fiat's 4th quarter was down 70%? And of course that was a surprise that they didn't have a clue about when they were negotiating with Chrysler? Duh!!!

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