Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mexican Drug Wars

Back on November 30 I wrote about the military involvement necessary to help fight the drug wars in Central and South America and the infiltration of gangs across our borders. We later noted that it wasn't just border cities, but was traveling to the north fairly quickly. Note: we researched some of the information on line after watching a Gangland Show on the History channel and hoped that it would get some attention.

Finally! Did see a couple of short pieces about the Mexican situation, but not the extent to which it is growing. However, today there is an editorial in the Investor's Business Daily which is fairly detailed but is directed at the new administration and how they might or should react to the problem. And they brought up a point that it may require our military action given the consequences of the problem spilling over the borders.

This is scary stuff. But worse than having a problem is not knowing enough about it and being blind-sided. I would hope that enough of us are noticing what is going on and will insist that our legislators and law enforcement types do their jobs rather than sit on endless hearings only to rubber stamp the nominees.

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