Sunday, January 4, 2009

The More I Know, the More I Know How Much I Don't Know

The "everybody knows" syndrome is apparent in the Israeli/Gaza Strip topic such as rockets, retaliation, how far can Israel let the Palestinians go before reacting, etc. And we know that perhaps due to the small size of the strip we're talking about the Palestinians saying they have no choice but to have military installations in civilian areas, right? But breaking a cease fire agreement is the starting point as far as the Israelis are concerned, right? And on and on.

However, my personal knowledge of the geography and the history and knowing the governmental structure is sorely lacking. Do the Palestinians have a legitimate police force? Or military presence other than Hamas? Who took over when Arafat died? ie., who are the leaders and players both clerical and secular?

Seriously, does anyone have a source to recommend to help us get up to speed on this?

See ya-

One more thing: I may not be as smart as I'd like to be but found out today that I am a very, very polite person. Read this: "Insisting on playing a game for which, after a fair amount of time, you show no natural aptitude is frustrating to you and annoying to all but the most complacent opponents." From Amy Vanderbilt's Book of Etiquette: A Guide to Gracious Living. (After 3 years of lessons and practice and little or no improvement I gave up on golf about 50 years ago and became the official cart driver for a really great group of friends. Now I don't even do that.)
I've never been sorry.

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