Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vote for the Crook you Know?

That's what they used to say about politics in general. When there was Tamany Hall, the Pendergras Machine and there's always been Daley's in Chicago it was the common response received if anyone were asked why they would vote for a known crook.

At this point I'm thinking that's what's happening with the Geithner nomination. Democrat and Republican alike are voting for him because he is such a "brilliant" guy. Give me a break! Anyone who tries to deduct the cost of his kids summer camp is being not only dishonest, but can't be very bright either. (With the exception of a few years when my husband was exercising a farming project)I have done our taxes. Never in a million years would I equate my kids' orthodontics with their camping.

And looking at the stock market which depends so much on confidence in the future of our financial outlook as a nation going down, down, down I'm wondering if all these smart people in Congress can't make a cause and effect relationship conclusion. The President and Congress are taking action in many areas and apparently no one has any faith in their decision making ability.

Until today I have not been particularly pessimistic, but the door has been opened. I haven't had to read in history books about earlier recessions, civil rights riots, or steroid scandals because I am an eye-witness. I've always felt that right would win in the end and that most of the government people were honest, law-abiding and wanted for this country all the best. I've trusted folks. Now I feel that I am getting more cynical day by day and I don't like the feeling.

One more thing before we close today. This is the 36th year of abortion on demand and a real black mark on our history. In the early years there may have been a question as to viability, but there are no doubts now that medicine has caught up so that pro-abortionists (there is no such thing as pro-choice)can only fall back on their rationalizations and blame games. No need to go on and on with what you know already. Just wanted to be sure we mentioned it--we must never forget what we have let happen and what is continuing to happen with regard to the most basic freedoms-life.

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Took over 100 years to emancipate the slaves. 36 years and counting but I think we'll emancipate kids much sooner.