Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Time to Talk about Pelosi.......

Just can't put it off any longer. The best word that can describe this woman is "obtuse." How else would you consider that she just doesn't appear to understand even the most elementary premise whether it be economics or religion.

For anyone in her position to make statements regarding conception or abortion as a method of population control resulting in stimulation of the budget by funding other programs is ludicrous. Consider the difference there would be in this country if the 50 million aborted babies had lived to work on both sides of the supply/demand equation.

And remember when the Bishops in her church (and mine) had to correct her when she tried to put a spin on the beginning of life by erroneously naming philosophers/saints as questioning the issue and coming to no conclusion? And how she calls herself a devout Catholic?

Anyone of us could write a book about her and the examples of "obtuse" would make the footnotes take up half the pages, but it would be a waste of time. We'll leave it here, but next time she comes up with a doozy, we'll pass it on.

See ya

pa-Nick was right when he wrote about the job loss due to the CAFE standards and I'll go one step further: since Obama has ordered the federal fleet to be "green" at a cost of over $600,000 extra let's picture this scenario: When there are cars to be bought which satisfy the government, most of us will not be able to afford them so we will keep our present cars and ultimately replace them with newer used cars. Thus the used car market will go up, new cars will sit in the showroom and emissions will either remain the same or increase. And sometime after that, when the supply of used cars is exhausted, or nearly so, what do you suppose they will tell us we should do to solve the problem? Another stimulus program? A lottery? Mandatory public transportation? Your guess is as good as mine if not better. All I can see is an enormous boondoggle. Take good care of your car--you may need it longer than you think.

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Fire up! "Nick was right." Awesome sentence, that one. :)