Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tidbits of Right to Life of Michigan History

Disclaimer: Having moved to Michigan in 1969 I have no knowledge of any activity before 1971 so let's start there. Brevity dictates that these are personal memories. In 1971 and 1972 under the loving guidance of Jane Muldoon many of us were active in winning an education war trying to convince the doubters that life which began at conception was a worthwhile endeavor.

In Cadillac, along with some of the Sisters of Mercy from Mercy Hospital, we spent a great deal of time speaking to any group or church that would have us. Fr. Thome even had me speak from the cantor's lectern because he thought folks would listen to a woman rather than a celibate man. We spoke at Baptist churches and many women's church organizations throughout the area. We won that battle! In november of 1972 Michigan's law protected the unborn.

Less than 3 months later the Supreme Count in Roe v Wade made a mockery of all the work we put in by making abortion legal throughout the country. We were devastated and frankly, most of the starch was just taken out of us. It took us awhile to get back the strength to get moving again.

In 1976 we moved to Jackson where another band of loyal pro-lifers were getting their second wind and I was able to join them in this noble effort. By 1986 we had commissioned a monument in St. John's Cemetery in the memory of the unborn millions. Each year since then we have had a motorcade which winds its way past the hospital where abortions were performed and ending with a short program at the monument. Last Saturday we added the Planned Parenthood building to our itinerary which meant that many more people were aware of our efforts. It has never failed to be one of the coldest Saturdays in January, but it's a small price to pay to support life.

It is never too late to come on board to work for what is right and good. Especially in this time of dire need, we need all hands on deck. We have a President who believes that if a botched abortion results in a baby being born alive the better option is to let the baby die rather than try to save its life. If that doesn't make you come face to face with a most unsavory reality I guess nothing will. But if it makes you want to do something, you'll find us in the phone book.

I realize there has been more than the usual commentary in many places on this subject, but the importance cannot be denied. We don't promise not to address the life issue again, but perhaps not as often.

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ps-If you scroll down you'll see the link to RightMichigan on the right hand side. Nick has had much in-depth coverage and video as well that I lack the expertise to supply for you. It's worth the effort to check it out. God bless....

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