Sunday, January 18, 2009


Before we get to the subject this evening, we need to clear up what might be a misconception. I do know that books, newspapers, some titles, should be italicized or put in quotes. What I do not know is how to make that happen--when I click on the icon it either comes out with some gobbledy gook signs or brackets, so what's the use. I've decided that from now on I will compromise by using capitals and double spacing before and after such titles. Thanks for your understanding.

Now on to the subject. In our local paper, the JACKSON CITIZEN PATRIOT today one of their outside editorial columnists, Leonard Pitts, outdid himself. Here we have been hearing nothing from Obama but a plea for cooperation, compromise and bipartisanship. Mr. Pitts did his utmost today to destroy any good will that may have been generated and drawn the line in the sand. He is a staunch supporter of Obama and hates Bush with such passion that I hope he doesn't have a stroke.

His wish for George Bush is that he lives a long life and will spend it learning what a despicable human being he is and what a lousy president. Nature (God) did not cause Katrina, Bush did. How? By not acting quickly enough. His head must have been in the sand when the rest of us were shown photo after photo of the Mayor having left town to take care of his family while the whole fleet(s) of yellow buses which could have hauled out whole bunches of people stood row by row in their slots in the parking lot with water up to their wheel wells. And that's just one of the problems on a local level. He also blamed him for being a pawn of the Republican Party. Try telling that to a conservative. (Except for the Supreme Court nominees and things along the life lines which Pitts would consider negatively anyway.) What does he mean by saying "you poured sewage on our heads and told us it was spring water?"

This is one of the most narrow minded, mean, petty and a dozen more adjectives along the same lines, diatribes of the leftist Democrats I have heard. (In the interest of honesty, I admit I do not read left wing blogs, so I have sheltered myself from this kind of thing as much as possible.)

When this kind of writing appears in a newspaper who supposedly takes pride in their objectivity one can only wonder what is going on in the avowed left press. Their own editorial writer differed only in tone but generally agreed with the content of his column. The rest of the page had Voice of the People "One Liners" so you can see there was no attempt at balance.

So why does this bother me? And, I hope, you? Because as I wrote a few days ago, the definition of bipartisanship by Democrats is "capitulation by Republicans." Well, fellas, you make it really tough when you tell us what you think of our President and those of us who support the Republican philosophy.

I recognize that history will be made in the next couple of days but I will read about it after the fact. For me, I will spend the time reading the 753 page legal thriller I picked up at the Book Exchange in preparation.

One more thing. I have no way of knowing whether you are church-goers or not or spend much time in prayer. I would share with you that many churches are sponsoring prayer times through these days leading up to the inauguration. My personal effort goes to asking the Lord to protect this country and to foster the goodness in those who will be in governing positions. And one last thing, don't stop praying on Tuesday. This is a daily duty for all of us. God bless....

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Pray for Leonard Pitts, too. The man left his mind at a bus station somewhere around 1976 and hasn't found it yet.

I hear there's a reward if anyone happens across it. I understand its small, relatively smooth and slightly moldy.