Monday, January 19, 2009

A Bit of Background on Gaza

Since January 4 when we last visited the issue I've gotten a little history from my brother-in-law who is retired career Air Force and at one time spent several years in the region of Egypt, etc.

Long story short: When I questioned whether there was a legitimate government in Gaza it turns out that the people of Gaza actually elected the Hamas as their governing unit. And yes, we can assume they were following the directions or suggestions of the people with the guns, but no matter the method, that is their government today. It has been about 2 1/2 years since the election and even though there have been periodic eruptions, since friction between Israel and the Palestinians is a way of life in the area, that may be why the rest of the world hasn't gotten too excited about it until recently.

Since the UN and in particular the US supported the Jews in developing their homeland after WWII and the Holocaust we have continued that support to this day.

Those who know the situation tell us that the Jews will not, absolutely will not, move. It is assumed that their response will be nuclear. The Israelis will not start the war, but they will finish it. We'd best all take this quite seriously.

This goes back to some of the earliest books in the Bible, so it should come as no surprise, I guess, that it is continuing today. I still don't have any answers, but at least we know a little more about the problem and should support those in our government whose responsibility it is to deal with the mess.

And speaking of the Bible, it looks more and more as though we should be looking at prayer as a first resort rather than the last.

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