Friday, January 23, 2009

Confidence in Government?

The following is a letter to the editor which my husband and I sent off yesterday after reading of the potential gift of Chrysler to Fiat.

"No wonder the American public has little confidence in our government!"

If there is any possibility at all that Fiat will join with Chrysler/Cerberus ifthe government gives them another $3 billion while they give only their "expertise" in small car design in exchange for 35% of the company, we are justified. Then, if they "perform" as contracted, they will be able to buy another 20% (giving them control) for $25 million. (And does anyone remember that Cerberus put up $60 billion for their present position?)

They will also benefit by having a nationwide system of present Chrysler dealerships set up for Fiat. Us old folks remember that Fiat tried to come in around 1982 and failed so this is their new plan and not only will it all go their way, we will pay for it!

Just called Sen. Levin's office who would not have a statement until legislation is involved. Sen. Stabenow was quoted as saying that she'd have to know if it would save jobs. Cong. Schauer's office took my name and number.

Is this "Pogo Time?" We have met the enemy and he is us?"

It's one thing to keep people working, but on a sinking ship? And why in the world would we just give it away? And why would we pay them for the privilege? Aaaaarrgh!

See ya

ps-haven't had return calls from any of the legislators. So what else is new?

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