Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who Has Confidence in Whom?

Shouldn't it be a given that any time the President calls anyone into the Oval Office or a study session in a conference room with several participants that the guest(s) are automatically more educated and knowledgeable than he is on any given subject?

Surely the President didn't explain any battlefield strategy to any military person. Fortunately it looks like he had the best advice on how to run a war than he has had on how to deal with an oil spill. I would only ask this: Perhaps the question is not whether the President has confidence in those he chooses to assist in necessary areas of expertise, but do they have confidence in him to understand and then to carry out suggestions.

The analogy between President and Governor is so obvious. Faced with a disaster that caused loss of life, present and future job loss, danger and death to animals plus having to find a method to stop the carnage it looks like the bureaucrats are using delaying tactics. Court cases take time and in the meantime people suffer. Does he think that it's OK because BP will give them a check later on? Give me a break.

Here's the other side of that lack of leadership: After 9/11 we all heard reports of law enforcement and public service people throughout the country offering assistance and it appeared that New York had a full plate and no organized methods of putting anyone to work so they refused the offers. What did Sheriff Mike Bouchard from Michigan do? He gathered together a crack team of experienced deputies and other staff as needed. They were self-contained taking along food, bedding, communications and anything they would need so no one in New York would be inconvenienced with having them there and they got to work doing what they were experienced enough to know needed doing. Now, that's leadership.

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