Thursday, June 10, 2010

Balance the Budget by Snapping up Social Security and Adding Cap and Trade?

I have no clue as to why liberal groups are trying to save Social Security, it seems counter intuitive, right? Perhaps it's due to their patron saint, FDR, or just because the thirties was the last best chance for socialism until now, but whatever the reason, it is apparently true. Could it possibly have something to do with the project in the works by some to bribe 401K holders into believing they can turn their life savings into a "guaranteed" annuity and absorb those funds?

We conservatives, on the other hand, want to save it because it is the morally right thing to do. The program was sold and promised to the American public as the third of a three legged stool which was supposed to make for a comfortable retirement. They didn't foresee the war years, baby boomers, flower children, Kent State, Vietnam and all the rest. The under current of progressive socialism was hidden deeply enough that most of us were unaware. Silent but deadly for a good many years and above all, patient, waiting for the opportune time.

Now we have a situation where redistribution of wealth is feasible as never before and one might call this the perfect storm if their timing is right. We'll just have to wait and see. All I know for sure is that promises were made, the FICA tax has increased on a regular basis, the Congress has used every penny wage earners have put into the so-called trust fund and it is now going by the name of an "unfunded liability." How's that for progres. Worse, instead of trying to rectify the problem by admitting to the corruption and having everyone get into the act, take responsibility and do more than raise the tax and delay the retirement (which given life expectancy needs to be done.)

There needs to be a moral reawakening to be sure there is no more sleight of hand and there is honesty in the final fix.

Finally: don't expect any contribution of ideas from the President. We knew he had no managerial experience when we elected him and he hasn't gained any hands on experience since January of '09. He might have, except that his instinctive move seems to be "hand off" not "hands on." Then he just waits until the staff or committee or commission comes back with an answer which feels comfortable.

And so we wait-
God bless............

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