Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sarah Palin and the Oil Problem

Not connected, just two topics.

The mainstream media really has a problem. They are hell bent on destroying Sarah Palin, but the more they criticize and give her space both in print and air time they are giving her publicity as well. If you were to put all that together they'd realize that no one could begin to pay for what they are giving her. They usually call that an in-kind contribution, don't they?

And they're doing the same thing by talking up the oil problem. The more they talk about it the more frustrated the public becomes and the more we get tired of it so they talk about it again because they don't like the polls. (There's only one thing that is so obviously from the stone age. One guy holding the plastic while another scoops sand into it. My husband who likes to do yard work has fashioned a frame which holds a trash bag so that he can fit the bag to the top and scoop away. How more 101 can you get?

Get ready for another week during which time perhaps we can get down to serious business and try to fix the things that are dragging down this country's future.

God bless........

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