Thursday, June 17, 2010

Answering Letters

Would you call it a slow news day when all that is being talked about is the BP oil pollution and whether or not the 16 year old sailor's parents are guilty of child abuse?

There was a lengthy comment on my post about the Census which brought up a good point. Of course people work and everyone won't be at home, but that shouldn't turn 2 weeks (which would have been an optimum) into 6 months. Plus I had figured the driving time between single dwellings and apartments would be averaged out. It was not an in depth piece, just an observation. The only place where travel would enter into the picture would be in rural areas.

Actually, I think folks who live in the country, except for those who don't want to be found, are probably more law abiding than the average city dweller. Personal opinion only. Also, I expect that once you find no one at home you would make a notation and try other methods to touch base and make an appointment. There are many ways to skin a cat. And I trust there is enough intelligence to figure out the alternatives.

Bottom line, surely they could do better. And, oh yes, since our Congressman Schauer is all warped out of shape by the trinkets made in China being distributed makes me wonder. Why do we need handouts at all? Baseball caps to key chains? I don't get it.

The other posts I wanted to talk about were the lengthy diatribes against a Tennessee Congresswoman named Marsha Blackburn. I simply mentioned her name as a co-sponsor of a bill, knowing nothing about her. Twice we received the same comment.

I think I have it figured out. I know there is a program whereby an individual can scan the internet for their own or someone else's name and references will be listed. I'm sure an opponent of Ms. Blackburn is collecting information on her and sending out rebuttals. I'm thinking since we mentioned her name, the automatic response was sent. Just a guess.

The only reason I ran across this is that there was an implied threat at one point last year when I mentioned a particular author. A friend in law enforcement was able to do some tracking and found the writer lived in San Diego so we breathed a sigh of relief and forgot about it.

It really is interesting to compare opinions and realize that every one of us is totally unique and never looks at a particular situation in exactly the same way. Let's hear it for the freedom to express ourselves!

God bless........

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The Wolverine said...

just when you think it is a slow news day the PC police will spicen things up. Check out the story on Yahoo about a boy from RI who for a class project made a baseball cap to honor the troops. He adorned it with an American flag and a couple of his toy soldiers.

Yes, you can guess what happened. He was asked to take the cap home to adhere to the school's no tolerance policy concerning guns.

Is it no wonder we are in the shape we are in when folks check their brains at the door and blindly follow some policy? When we don't think about the consequences of actions such spending trillions now - without much concern (I will assume the liberals thought about) who will pay. Good luck to my grandchildren.

Or maybe Obama really is religious and believes the second coming will be soon and he wants to spend it all now. I'm just saying.....