Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gentlemen and Ladies! Start Your Engines! It's Time to Stop Stabenow and Elect Her Replacement in November of 2012-

Yes, it's true. Which makes it time to start gathering up the facts, voting records and whatever we need to unseat one of the most liberal Senators ever. And to think she does it without being original in any sense of the word. The Caucus must be kept busy finding Simple Simon types of legislation she would be able to explain if asked.

So shift gears just enough to pause and put Stabenow in the line up with the President, affix the targets on their backs and let's go get 'em!

On another front, there was a reminder today of how our lady governor has decided on a couple of occasions to take a little vacation, but she needs to make it look like she's on a business trip. Didn't she take two trips to Japan and one to Germany with just that itinerary?

She prefaced the journeys with the story that she was going to go over and make a pitch to try to get some business to settle in Michigan. Of course we all know that it would have been foolish to think that she would take a chance on being embarrassed. Therefore, we found the deals were done before she left so she could make the "news flash" announcement after her meetings with businessmen and politicians.

Weren't you experiencing a little deja vu when the newscasters began reporting that Obama had come out of a scheduled 20 minute, but actual 45 minute, meeting with the great news that BP is putting up an escrow of $20 billion to start? All to be controlled by the same guy who (color me sarcastic) did such a bang up job with the funds for the survivors of 9/11? I guess since it's not our money this time we're not supposed to care?

Enough for now-
God bless.......

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