Saturday, June 12, 2010

Needing Help

I'm nearing completion of a piece of literature to be used as hand out material at county fairs and events where appropriate.

Even though there are a number of examples of Obama's rhetoric on the one hand and action on the other it's not easy to pull them up.

I'm thinking of things like no new taxes for folks whose income is less than $250,000 when in reality medical costs deduction is now based on amounts over 10% rather than 7.5%. And you can keep your doctor if you choose when in fact Medicare Advantage is being cancelled which makes that an impossibility. Also that nothing will change for those people who have Medicare Advantage such as the CBO using the figure of 50% for those who will suffer a decline in benefits because they are cutting funding by $136 billion.

I'm asking if you have a "pet peeve" that has popped up in the last 18 months to share it by using the Comment section. Appreciate it.

Have a good Sunday--
God bless..........

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