Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Midweek Ramblings--

1-The fact that lithium has been found in Afghanistan is NOT a call for us "to go to war over lithium instead of oil" as the lefties are putting it. It is truly the opportunity we have been looking for to replace the poppy trade which when connected to the international drug trade made the Taliban and Al Quaida so strong and fearsome to the Afghans. There need to be ways to change that and we can leave them with a lawful means to make a living. Not just mining, but some of the early means of supply, contracting with companies who use the mineral, etc. Some of the best news going.

2-Kagan's true colors were apparent this week when the Supremes decided three cases on 6-3 votes. As it turned out, Kagan had written all three positions and was on the wrong side of each one. So you can see that her addition to the court would mean at the very least 5-4 and the possibility that they would have been turned around.

3-It seems the drug cartels have lookout posts in the mountains with communications systems to enable the drug runners and illegals to cross our borders and the great White Father, or head of ICE Morton determined that listening to their chatter was important and decided they should be allowed to remain in place. Can't help wondering, since they have known this for quite some time, whether the rancher who was killed a few weeks ago might still be alive if ICE had done their jobs.

4-I realize that the President has to have faith in his military personnel and it was his prerogative to fire McChrystal. My only thought was, what if this "lapse" in judgment was really an avenue to show folks that many of the military don't have faith in the President. Not my call, just wondering.

With the focus on civilian posts where political games are played and the name of Ambassador Eichenberry pops up there will undoubtedly be more to come out on this.

5-And thinking about leadership I can't help wondering about the managerial and executive capability of Cox, Hoekstra and George. All nice guys, but office staff is not my idea of executive experience. Heck, that's the kind of experience Obama had coming in and look where that has gotten us. (At least Republicans could be expected to pick better advisors.) If Snyder won't even take part in debates that kind of decision making is suspect as well. Bouchard just keeps looking better and better.

Which brings me to possible interviews for 64th, 65th House Seats and 7th Dist. Congressman. Since I have taken supportive positions on these races, I doubt that you would believe I could keep an objective viewpoint. If any of you remember those done earlier and would like it, perhaps you want to formulate questions as well. Just let me know.

6-And how about Mexico joining with Eric Holder, Obama and 49 other states ganging up on Arizona and taking them to court? Piling on?

7-One last thing: If President Soetoro can actually grant amnesty for 12 million illegals my prediction would be that he would seal his fate as a one term president. That's just too involved not to be spelled out by legislation which would, of course, need to be put to a vote. Sounds scary--can he really do that?

Another morning and evening of rather wicked thunderstorms-
Hope you're all safe--
God bless.........

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