Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up

1-Have you ever heard of the Peter Principle? You know, the one which says that everyone rises to one step above his or her level of competence? It occurs to me that pretty much that is what our U. S. House and Senate is composed of. Would "a bunch of dolts" seem to cover it?

2-Our debt is now officially over $13 trillion. And that's not counting the unfunded liabilities which if adjusted for inflation, will be well over $100 trillion within the next generation.

3-Grandson in Air Force, stationed in Germany, is making a tour which will include Turkey. In a Father's Day call his dad responded with "Isn't that a little iffy given that our usual friendship is a bit strained at present?" Grandkid's response: Doesn't matter. Nobody over here likes us.

4-Big to-do in D.C. about the cases of fraud by some mortgage brokers compounded by criminals preying on the unsophisticated making promises of being able to save their homes from foreclosure and then actually selling the victim's houses out from under them. Or having them pay fees for their "assistance" in negotiating refinancing, etc. and then just walking away with the money. We're all for catching crooks.

Now, the question should be: when are they going to investigate those who gave mortgages and cash rebates under the auspices of Fannie and Freddie to those who in no way could qualify for a mortgage? Still haven't heard from either Levin or Stabenow. Didn't expect to, but one can always hope and keep bugging them.

And how about the original instigators, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd? Term limits, anyone?

Let's hope for a good week--get that well capped.
God bless................

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