Friday, June 25, 2010

This is Justice?

I always thought that the court system stopped short of enforcing illegal contracts. That they wouldn't enforce gambling debts or they wouldn't enforce a contract made with fraudulent intent or coercion.

But just look at what is happening now!

There is an ad on television with the Secretary of Labor encouraging illegal immigrants to come forth and report employers who are paying them less than the minimum wage. This highly placed government employee, yes a cabinet member which is pretty darn high but still takes direction from the President, is actually becoming an accomplice in crime, petty though it may be in some eyes. By extension, her boss who approves of her actions therefore becomes an accessory, right?

So here we have the initial law breaker "hiding out" and working for less than minimum wage. Not nice on the part of the employer, but perhaps the illegal isn't as bad off as might be thought. Assuming that he gets paid in cash and has no need to pay taxes and may be smart enough to game the system through food stamps, medical care at the nearest hospital and who sends his kids to school where they probably qualify for a free lunch, he's not doing so bad, is he?

You can build your own scenario and fill in the blanks any way you want to, but bottom line is that everyone who has a part in this fiasco is guilty of a certain degree of criminality.

One of the arguments made is that Arizona can't afford the gas/transportation to take these people back to the border. News Flash! Ask for volunteers--I would be willing to bet that we could get enough volunteers to do the job. As so many other folks, I have a friend in Arizona whom I haven't seen in a long time. I wuuldn't mind taking a little vacation to see Terry and on the way back I could swing south far enough to drop off a few illegals. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who might speak up.

As I see it, all the sanctuary cities could budget a little stash for these folks which would equal what it would to house and feed them for X number of months. They could take it with them and parlay it into a small business and be able to be back with their families in Mexico or even farther South.

What do they call it?
Thinking outside the box?
God bless.............

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Bruce said...

Better yet drop them off at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.