Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's Going On? A Little of Everything-

More campaign finance shenanigans. Actually no big deal. You can tell who paid for the ads because the Republican ads will be identified as such and all the rest will be paid for by liberal Democrats and can be ignored, deleted or muted. Unless the Senate shows a little sense and stops the fiasco.

A Congresswoman from California, Democrat Barbara Lee, was complaining loudly yesterday that the American public wouldn't stand for being at war in Afghanistan much longer making the point that this war has been going on longer than any other in our history. I'd like to remind her and the rest of those who measure the value in terms of time. My point: with 440,000 deaths and more casualties in WWII, wouldn't that qualify for the most spending under any counting method?

Juan Williams, a PBS broadcaster/commentator used the phrase in describing Obama's position with regard to the Supreme Court "he is at war with the Robert's Court." I can't think of anything quite so despicable as our President being at such great odds with any part of our government. But now that I think about it, I don't know which is worse his war with the Supremes or his war with the military...

A couple of forgettable comments by Ms. Kagan during her first day of questioning jumped out. 1-She waxed eloquently about her father's service in the military and her forebears who chose to come to this country and 2-after her rather theatrical rhetoric she opined that she would use a "modest" approach to the law. Try as I might, I'm not quite sure what she meant by that unless she was referring to a less than total enthusiasm for the Constitution as many liberals who would rather make new law than work with it.

Hats off to Arizona's Governor Brewer! If ever anyone needed visual proof of the federal government's attitude toward enforcing the borders a sign put up warning American citizens not to go into sections of the state and country is certainly the way to do it. As a matter of fact, perhaps that is a clear demonstration of what "modest approach" means to liberals who call D.C. home. If modest is the way to go, that is certainly a modest effort by the Obama administration and the ICE guy, Morton. Modest. Indeed!

Prayers are needed for all those who work around the beltway-
God bless..........

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