Sunday, June 27, 2010

Accidents Happen

If you noticed, there was no post last evening. Background of story is that our Bouvier has taken to sleeping in my bathtub of late--undoubtedly due to the coolness of the porcelain. When he stepped out of the tub the other day he bumped one section of the sliding glass door and I found it hanging askew and put it back.

Apparently didn't get it fixed properly and yesterday when I stepped into the shower it fell on my foot. Needless to say it was quite painful, I have a huge bruise and frankly, I just wasn't in the mood to write anything at all. Sorry 'bout that.

Today's comments are in the form of a teaser. A parent brought up a topic which will take some research but I think it may interest you. Jackson Community College has announced a $5 increase per credit hour and a student fee raise to the $17 range. Ultimately this brings up a lot of questions as to the costs of the sports programs at this little school. Scholarships for out of state students taking up space that local tax paying families' kids may be qualified for and the importing of coaching staff plus exorbitant, in my mind, costs of taking teams to out of town events, including out of state such as Florida, and all the other related costs. We are going to try to find out a little more about this. Stay tuned.

Also, it seems to me that cell phone towers might be made a lot more attractive. The county is looking to garner some cash by putting one up in the middle of Cascades park. Drove by one yesterday and frankly, they could be made to look more attractive if they eschewed chain link fencing for a brick wall which could be made to look like a building, landscaped, etc. They might even be made to look like an extension of an existing building. I wish they would think about things like this before the public gets all warped out of shape, and in many cases justifiably so, and feels it necessary to circulate petitions, attend meetings, etc.

Just thinking--
God bless.........

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Bruce said...

GREAT points! Just how many students from outside of the taxing authority are getting reduced ticket or even "free rides" for attending tax payer funded education institutions be them pre-school, elementary school, high school, colleges, univesities etc? GREAT questions need an answer.