Sunday, August 29, 2010

Deficits, Debts and Unfunded Liabilities: The Consequences of Excessive ...

I found this video while researching material for the trifold which I hope to have ready shortly. It will not only be available online, but can be printed out for folks to share with those who are either not adept at working the internet or on principle don't use it. I think you will find it worth your while.

You've probably already heard and read about the Republican State Convention yesterday. Yes, it was a long day but the undercurrent of excitement kept one from being bored or impatient (unless you were held up in the registration fiasco) and between talking to old friends, sharing stories and experiences it was time well spent.

One piece of good news this week. The UAW has demonstrated common sense in that they worked with Navistar Casting in Indianapolis which was scheduled to close before the end of August will be back in production by summer's end. Chalk one up for the good guys.

The bad news on the union (Teamster's) front was that as a result of not allowing Mexican trucks into the United States even though they have passed muster on the safety front, has resulted in tariffs being put on more American goods--so the unions have benefited again while other farmers and production folks suffer.

So figure. Have a good week.
God bless.........

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Unions are bad for business and that's a fact.