Monday, August 2, 2010

Same Old, Same Old

On the news front we had more stories about ethics infractions, their effect on elections, the Prez trying to make veterans think he really cares about them with promises and more promises, and the ads and robo calls continue ad nauseum.

Sorta reminds me of the old days when coaching summer time swim teams. The practice time, watching strokes and timing comparisons--you know the serious work. Finally you put the team together with each kid slotted where he or she can do their best so you kick back, relax and watch it happen. Oh, yeah, you cheer them on, but coaches are not allowed to get close enough to interfere with lane judges, timers, etc. so it's time to relax.

At that point in time you pray for perfect strokes, turns, touches and knowledge of the rules about being overly exuberant after the final relay and hope it's your turn to get tossed into the pool--that's like the football coach getting doused in Gatorade.

The primary is like an Invitational, but it's only mid season. The big one, the State or even National Championships are still to come in November, but there is much to be learned tomorrow.

Don't forget to vote and if you live in Summit Twp, a vote for Public Safety would be appreciated-
God bless..............

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