Sunday, September 5, 2010

Home is not a House? or "He has the attention span of a gnat on crack"?

The gnat remark I just wanted to share. Read it in a book a few days ago and thought it descriptive of a whole lot of people as individuals or groups who say they are representative of vast numbers of citizens.

As for the "home is not a house" reference, as I was watching a TV show following a character walking into an apartment building through a narrow hallway lined with glazed brick, it brought me up short. In college days our apartment and the first job after graduation also, were the second story of private homes. I am not suggesting that one is better than the other, but the way folks have grown up and where they have lived will certainly give different ways of looking at life in general and in specific instances too numerous to list. Can there be any wonder that we have so many varied outlooks on political issues? Just saying...

Posting on a weekly basis certainly gives one a different perspective. For two years every day brought what might be called a "headline news" mentality where we felt outrage on a daily basis interspersed with a rare feeling of euphoria and many times, however near despair. How is it that the general public just won't accept the truth so often but just as often will repeat outright lies so easily?

I am so tired of Democrats slapping a "PRIVATIZATION" label on the Republican idea of giving young people up to a certain age the opportunity to INVEST a portion of their Social Security tax in stocks or bonds or other approved areas on a VOLUNTARY basis!! This would belong to the individual! Private property which they could leave to their families in case of a fatal accident. As it is now, you get a monthly check until you die and that's the end of the whole thing.

The entire so-called Trust Fund which the Democrats say will fund SS until 2037 is nothing but a bunch of IOUs in a file cabinet in Parkersburg. The government will have to be borrowing money from China and Japan to pay back the money they have stolen from the fund over the years. How stupid and gullible do they think we are?
One other comment on SS - by the President. In trying to balance the budget there will be nothing left off the table, including Social Security. Watch out!!

Just like Obama, Pelosi and their spokespersons keep saying that the stimulus money goes to the people which increases their wealth. Really? Since we don't have the money and need to borrow, again from foreign countries, any interest and repayments go to the foreign countries!! Undoubtedly there may be a small percentage of Americans who buy Treasury bonds, but that number is certainly dwindling and is minuscule in the big picture.

An interesting couple of numbers: American businesses on average through the years carry about a 7% cash to assets. It now stands at 11%. Wouldn't you think they could use some of that to hire workers? Democrats say it's because there is no market for their product. Businessmen say it is because they don't know what the future tax structure will look like and they have no clue what the health care plan will actually cost them. So who are you going to believe?

Ran across a photo of twisted steel which has been formed into a cross at the site of the BP Horizon explosion. I double dare the ACLU and the Atheists groups to suggest that it be taken down.

On the "withdrawal" of troops from Iraq. Overheard several Democrat apologists opine that Iraq is worse off than when we went over there since there were civilian casualties. Can't help wondering if they have forgotten about the 350,000 Iraqis found in mass graves. God bless our troops who have given hope to so many Iraqis.

It's at this point I'm tempted to go back to more frequent posts. I would like to tell you the entire story of how we, and the rest of the world, are getting glass from China, but it would go on too long. Suffice to say that Toledo, Ohio used to be called Glass City. My son swam on the Glass City Aquatic YMCA team for a number of years so it's close to my heart.

As it turns out the making of glass is hugely power intensive and to put it simply, from a satellite camera it is easy to see that where China has smokestacks generating power, the United States has the equivalent in stacks of pollution control equipment and restrictions prohibiting that generation. This is a much more detailed story, but you get the message.

The worst part of it is that it also connects with the other American companies in China who are not making the kind of profit they anticipated because China is starting to regulate foreign countries means of production and favor their own burgeoning companies. As you know,many of those companies' foreign profits have enabled them to stay in business here at home. It also has implications on the manipulation of the rare earth minerals we have discussed before.

Final comment: Start correcting people who call Rick Snyder a moderate. The Democrats slapped that label on him shortly after his name recognition started picking up. I have to hand it to them. It's always a good idea if you can define your opponent, but we really need to fight back on this. I do believe Rick is going to clarify his position on abortion. He really hasn't made a definitive statement. But no matter what his position might be, he can't begin to look as liberal as Virg Bernero who is a flaming pro abortion candidate, make no mistake. That is the only issue about which one might use the term moderate, making it truly a moot point.

He's a great candidate and Brian Calley's background is only a super plus. So let's get rid of the moderate label. Next week I want to talk about Con Con.

Have a good Labor Day--
God bless...........

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