Sunday, August 1, 2010

CBS Sunday Morning Show Disappoints Big Time!

Usually there are some pretty good pieces on the show--it's one that you can read the Sunday paper and watch at the same time and lose little content from either, but today it was horrendous.

Item: They did a lengthy promo about not using air conditioning in order to make kids sweat and lose weight along with a/c units sending heat into the streets making it hotter outdoors with snide remarks done in baby talk on other points. I paid particular attention so I could see what organization took responsibility and guess what- there was none. It was strictly a part of the program and their efforts at controlling general behavior.

Item: The interview with Obama was nothing more than an infomercial putting him in the best possible light with much misleading information and conclusions with the obvious intent to make folks feel good about him leading up to the primaries. In fact, the second part will be aired on the CBS Morning Show. Does the Prez ever owe them!

Item: The featured story was about Hugh Hefner who took credit for helping influence Roe v. Wade, women's liberation and many other topics. He was so proud of his achievements and all I could think was that he should also be credited with a good share of broken homes, divorces and millions of children growing up without the loving guidance of two parents in one home. And since he brought it up, I have no qualms for giving him the credit for millions of abortions including the fact that nearly 70% of the abortions are performed on African American women who are less than 15% of the population. Now tell me, shouldn't he be given credit for genocide as well?

Item: Commentary about the possibility that with the war going badly Obama may get competition from his left in the next election. Observation that they don't want to install a Jeffersonian Democracy in Afghanistan, they just want to stop the war. You and I both know that there would be a slaughter that would make Vietnam look like kid's play if we pull out before the civilians can defend themselves from the Taliban. We have spoken before about plowing up those poppy fields and starting other businesses before we can conscientiously walk away.

Last thought: And this is not CBS' fault, it just happened to be in their time frame: Like Mother, like Son. A political ad for Kwame's mom featured lots of people thanking her for her service and ended with her thanking them for their support. But guess what was missing? The disclaimer at the end which has the candidate saying "This is _____ and I approve this message." It's the law, Mrs. Kilpatrick, but then you and Kwame think you are above it, right?

What a way to start a week.
We need God's blessings........

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