Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where to Start? Mosques? Tea Party? State Convention? Pundits?

CALL it chutzpah - there's no other appropriate label for Tea Party people who think that because they are getting a lot of press and no one can get elected without them, they think the world is their oyster. And in some ways it is. We've always said we are really glad to see so many people interested in the world of politics. Better late than never, but those who think they can come off the street and run for Secretary of State or Attorney General must have stars in their eyes and need to come back down to earth.

Up until now they have been content to probably vote, sort of know what is going on in Lansing and DC and complain quite a bit. Then the 2008 election was the straw that broke the camel's back and they are out in force. They are ready to throw out the baby with the bath water and are looking to replace all the volunteers in several counties. The elections for Republican Executive Committees is in November with elections of officers in December or January. At that point, excuse the expression, all hell may break loose.

Not that anyone is indispensable, it just doesn't seem that it would be a productive exercise to toss out several hundred years of experience and service to the political/governmental structures which, whether they like it or not, are necessary to keep certain services running efficiently. I guess it could be likened to term limits on steroids when everyone has to leave at the same time. Let's wait and see.

Not much to say about mosques that hasn't been said already, but to actually have a piece of an airplane land on the roof of that building and the possibility that some body parts may also have landed there and decomposed before being found makes any arguments about proximity moot. On top of that, they didn't even talk about a Cultural Center until there were some voiced objections. The holier than thou elites are having their opportunity to feel superior as always.

AS FOR the "Is the President a Christian?" question, may I point out that we do allow courts to convict criminals on circumstantial evidence. How does this grab you? His pastor of 18 years made a habit of damning America; He cancelled the National Day of Prayer; followed by his participation in Muslim ceremonies; he announced to the world that the United States was no longer a Christian nation; so what are we to think? Doesn't the Bible have references to "go out to all the world and spread the good news?" I'd say he appears to be doing the opposite. But that's just what we can see. We can't see into his heart, and he has made it difficult for us to believe the White House press release. Actions speak louder than words according to my mom.

One more thing: his book (or prop) carried when leaving the golf course one day was "Age of Unthinkable" with pundits noting that a companion volume was "Survivor's Club." What the heck?

THOSE same pundits are about as insulated as the politicians they seem to think they know all about how they think. My opinion: they all have one thing in common: they don't have a clue what middle America and the anyone west of Washington may think about any issue. Some day they ought to let some of us draw straws to appear on those talking head shows and I'll bet they'd come closer to the truth. They keep putting words in our mouths that are incredible. Whatever happened to their memories of growing up? Please don't tell me they all came from New York, New England, Chicago and California......

Republican State convention coming up Saturday. I have no clue how that will go. Don't even want to predict except for one thing. There will be many, many sore backs from sitting in bleachers all day long. Whose idea was that? We'll talk next week.

God bless.........

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