Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Counterfeit Government?

Watched an informational story today which was a warning against identity theft of children too young to buy anything on credit thereby having a clean credit record. The Social Security numbers are stolen and given to adults with poor credit and merged with theirs to make a positive uptick. And they called them counterfeit cards.

Then the little ones turn 18 and they find they have a lousy credit history and consequently have trouble developing a decent credit rating. These things really do present a problem which takes long delays and time spent unproductively for everyone concerned.

Then on the evening news there was a story about counterfeit goods such as handbags, accessories and anything that can be sold from a kiosk or more easily than anything needing a fitting room. Plus the fact that ICE (immigration and customs people) were spending lots of time tracking them down in high end marketing cities. I realize this is theft similar to a copyright or patent, but they haven't gotten that far yet and I'm thinking if you see a vendor selling Gucci bags you know they are a knock off and if you have no problem using an inferior product at a lesser price, why should it warrant the time of ICE officers when people in border communities have to deal with assaults, home invasions, etc. where, if I were President, would set my priorities.

It occurs to me that we have several counterfeit individuals working in our government presently. Napolitano declares the borders are safer than ever. Just tell that to the survivors of a murder, or the guy in the hospital after being beaten by a member of a drug cartel. Sec'y Sebelius who is to protect the health of our country's individuals, staunchly supports abortion. Where's the protection? Geithner is supposed to make laws and recommendations concerning monetary matters but cheats on his taxes. How does that figure?

We could go on with the Rangels, the Waters, any of the others who support any and every way to shortcut the system by being just a teeny tiny bit unethical. Not hurting anybody?

What a mess!

God bless...........

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