Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Warning About Pain Killers

Have you heard about Nsaids? I have no clue what that stands for, but apparently is an umbrella term for certain types of pain killers such as Motrin and Aleve. I learned of this first a couple of years ago after taking prescribed ibuprofin to help me through a bout of sciatica. Through ordinary tests done in connection with my yearly physical I was directed to stop using it immediately. It had done damage to my kidneys which are now getting back to a normal range.

Just last week my husband who had been taking Aleve for back pain also found that product had done kidney damage and we'll be working on that problem now.

So, I feel that our experience is enough for me to tell you to be absolutely sure you don't use more than the labels direct, but also be sure that even that isn't too much for you. Please be tested if you've been using those products for any length of time.

Next, I had in mind that we might have a problem in Jackson's Special Education area of the schools. I am relieved to tell you that it was a false alarm, but it needs to be publicly clarified.

I was concerned that when Jackson Public schools announced pink slips for a number of special ed administrators and staff for a savings in the $600,000 range and a couple of days later there was a piece in the paper about the upcoming ISD millage request for Special Ed that it seemed a bit fishy. After talking with the ISD Director I learned that this is the last year of the old way of funding the programs.

Apparently the schools in the program turn their expenses in to the ISD who then distribute according to a formula making the actual funds of about $200,000 available to Jackson Public and others are something like pro rated. This is the last year for that system. Next year and after the ISD will be paying all salaries making it more efficient and looking at the big picture. ISD will be able to hold down the costs for all.

Now, if I have made any mistake in this explanation I apologize, but the article in the paper made it sound like Jackson was going to lay off people and keep the $630,000 while ISD was going to pick up the expense for the future. Sounded like a shell game to me so I asked and am glad to report that I made a mistake and hopefully the paper will clarify.

Last, I'm back on Soros again. After learning that most of the rigs that were in the Gulf are now being used off the Brazil coast so that even if Obama really meant to give the go ahead to drilling again and Gee, maybe giving back some jobs in the United States, there won't be any rigs available. Hmmm. And then I hear that Mr. Soros has authority to put in one of the largest storage facilities ever in the Gulf. If that thing ever develops a leak it would make the BP accident look minuscule.

I'm just thinking: rather than be concerned about Obama's birth certificate, shouldn't we be wondering why (I'm assuming he is a naturalized citizen) we aren't looking into how some Hungarian with some smarts has come into our country, as have so many others to make his fortune, is at the same time making investments which are devastating our job market, not to mention the political scene. This is way past coincidence cause and effect. What is the real motive?

Going off for a few days for what I hope is well deserved R&R. See you next week.

God bless...

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