Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When is a Vacation NOT a Vacation?

When the time available only gives you more time to think of the miserable state of what's going on in the world and in Washington or wherever Obama is at the moment.

Example: Had I been busy at home would I have considered that when the Prez said that he goes to bed at night and wakes up in the morning thinking about jobs--With the next thought being: Gee, that sounds like the equivalent of Clinton's euphemistic "I feel your pain."

And when the buzz-phrase of one day last week was "if the Republicans mess with the health care bill 70,000 children will die due to lack of medical care" it occurs that as far as we've heard, there is no place in that monstrous bill that says hospitals will no longer be obligated to serve anyone who appears in the ER. Not only that, but since when have Democrats been concerned about the health of children when they think it's perfectly OK to kill off 1.5 million per year through abortion?
Big whoop choice?

Since when did reading words from a teleprompter define "great communicator?"

Not sure if it had anything to do with being on the East coast, but the number of foreign cars actually built in foreign countries appeared to be far larger than those of the Midwest. It would certainly be interesting to check out the correlation between those numbers and economic demographics...

In fact, I've always wondered what the proportion of foreign cars in domestic auto manufacturing parking lots would show up on the bottom line of their employers...

Glad to be home--
God bless...

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