Monday, March 21, 2011

Psssst! I've Got a Secret!!

And it's in Victoria's Secret closet... A friend sent me a note about the raunchy commercials Victoria's Secret airs on television and told me she sent them an email suggesting that they were more than suggestive, they were motivational. She then gave me the website address since I hadn't seen them.

Well, the website is enough. In light of our conversation, I could not help thinking that it wouldn't take much for this to be the next popular court room defense: the Victoria's Secret Defense which would go something like "but Judge, it's not my fault, Victoria's Secret made me do it."

Have I really passed into the old age part of my life where I just don't relate to what is going on with anyone 20 years younger than I? Or could it possibly be that there really is no working moral compass giving direction to the future generations? I just don't know, but I find it more than a little bit scary. How about you?

Gut Check Time. #1-I just have a feeling that when we think about the entire world situation and how nations relate to each other we have just come to that fork in the road that Yogi Berra did when he said "Take it." We perhaps need to face up to the fact that the Mideast countries are looking around at themselves and each other and realize that they all would like to be free rather than to have dictators directing them in all things. They must have realized that all of their neighboring countries have somewhat the same problems and it just won't do to have them as they are now - some free, some enslaved. And they see that it also includes gender. Plus, we don't get to tell them what they should be doing. And, at this point, we know that this is not the time to sit back and watch while some dictator wipes out a good share of the population in any country.

#2-Our country's friends aka allies which would include most of Europe, parts of Latin and South America, Russia, India, Japan and maybe a couple of African nations have also come to a late realization. The U.S. may still be a major power, but we made the mistake of putting an immature kid in a position of leadership before he had mastered the skills necessary to do the job. So, it's not his fault, but they should, instead of waiting for him to display leadership just live with the facts and go ahead without him. They will be kind and bring him along the path of any mentor or parent and hope for the best while he learns his lessons. Hopefully none of those missed lessons will be disastrous life experiences for him or for us.

This evening brings Lincoln Day in Jackson with Gov. Snyder. If anything new breaks, I'll check in tomorrow---

God bless...

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