Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MISSED OPPORTUNITY? (or Opportunities)

There are ways, I understand, to construct a no-fly zone without actually starting a shooting war - logistically and safely from ships comfortably away from the sites of interest. Especially in coastal areas which is where most of the population of Libya actually is. I realize there are no "leaders" as such in the rebel ranks, but if we allowed for them to keep the towns they have, it sounds like a good deal while they sort things out for themselves. Now that Gadhafi appears to have taken back most of towns does anyone believe that he will do other than clamp down in the most ways and all things torturous will be the order of the day?

It seems that the countries of freedom and civil rights sorta sat on their hands, did nothing and just Let things happen. Where was the leadership? Where is the outrage? So we're back at square one. It seems that we are practicing a "sit on your hands and wait to see what happens before moving forward" policy.

Next big worry--like the Jewish mother I'm not happy unless I'm worrying about something... With Japan having to build, rebuild and need all kinds of emergency funding, what if they call in all our loans? With China and Japan our two largest debt holders, where would we get the money to repay one or the other? These things have a ripple effect. If other debt holders of the U. S. want to loan funds to Japan in their current crisis they could call our debt as well to make that possible.

Last for today: So they found on the federal level 81 duplicative departments or tasks in similar departments. They found on the state level other areas where there are duplications and many wasted funds. Now I ask you,

Why in the world can't they have "key" numbers for jobs that do the same thing? And then why can't they write a program which indicates a particular job has already been done and in that event, why are those results not generating a report that will go up the chain high enough to make a determination to eliminate all but one of those departments and send the information back through the maze so everyone is operating under the same numbers?

Puh-leeze do not try to tell me this cannot be done. I only spent one semester on writing and programming and I KNOW it can be done. So let's demand that they do it!

Spring is coming! Do not despair--
God bless...

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