Monday, January 24, 2011

The Long Awaited Speech is Over...

I DVRd it and watched the commentary and responses afterward. Maybe tomorrow I'll start looking at it in 5-10 minute snippets since that's about all I can handle at one time from our Master Teleprompter Reader. Suffice to say that Ryan gave the usual Republican response and Bachman was refreshing. Let's face it, the politeness demonstrated by Ryan is exactly the reason why the ruthless Democrats manage to roll over us ad nauseum. Those of us who are courteous in our ordinary life understand the necessity, but sometimes it's just necessary that our opponents be shown that we really, hopefully, are not going to let it happen this time. The old bulls can't pass anything without the new kids on the block.

Now to what really threw me for a loop yesterday. Regular readers know that in our lifetimes this family has owned 24 GM cars and a smattering of the other 2 of the Big Three. You also know that we lost several thousands of dollars in preferred GM stock during the takeover and I have vowed that the only car I will buy when my lease is up in June is a Ford or a foreign car manufactured in the United States.

Now King, the new head of the UAW is planning to use $40 to $60 million of their $800 million strike fund to play all the dirty tricks he can think of and then some, including sending 1000 members to Congress to lobby for help to unionize at least one of those plants located in Southern states.

Since most of us who can see the damage done by unions in this country, evidenced by the cities and states beholden to the SEIU, AFSME, NEA, AFT and private unions which have become the curse of private industry this would be a catastrophe. Therefore, my plan is to ask as many people as are sympathetic to that position to write letters of support to the newspapers in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and as many as I can find addresses for throughout the country. We in Michigan especially need to point out to them how much damage the UAW can do.

I will try to have the names and addresses of several newspapers later in the week and I plan to make a list of those in my address book so I can email others to ask for their help and hope you will do the same.

Maybe we as citizens can help the employment situation in spite of what they are doing in Washington and some of the liberal states.

With our new legislators in office, it's time to look up their numbers and put them in the speed dial--
God bless.....

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