Monday, January 17, 2011

The Mind Wanders...

We've been seeing and hearing much more from Debbie Stabenow, haven't we? Oh, yes, she's up for re-election in 2012 so she needs to be a little more visible in her "home" state.

How is it that a guy who told McCain that "we won" and who passed the Healthcare bill over numerous objections and it was rammed down our throats without knowing what was in it, is now insisting that we "play nice?" Let's face it, without a costly tragedy in Arizona these comments would not have been made.

A friend of mine observed that probably the best way for civility to really take center stage would be to have Obama apologize to Bush. Not gonna happen.

When they talk about the "full faith and trust" of the American government don't you just want to barf? They lost all semblance of either of those sentiments when they started to steal the Social Security funds replacing them with worthless, non negotiable IOUs commonly known as Treasury bonds, but these can't be spent. That many years takes in a whole bunch of Congressmen and women.

Speaking of legislatures, did you hear that our State House and Senate may take a pay cut? All that would do, as I see it, is rectify just a little part of the scandal when they voted to pay themselves their astronomical salaries and Phil Hoffman said he didn't feel guilty, he earned it. Yeah, right, he and all the rest of them. Now Michigan is right up there with the worst of the states who should declare bankruptcy but there is no legislation which spells out how to do it. Duh!

Mr. Jors of Consumers has it right. We have pointed out before that there are only a couple of pockets of land in Michigan which can generate enough wind to make wind power feasible (plus shorelines which generally fall in the NIMBY category.) The plains states including Minnesota, the Dakotas, etc. are where that kind of investment should be made. We can only hope that he and some others with common sense may be able to convince the Feds that the bill that will charge us for the transmission is certainly an injustice.

Be careful out there. Icy streets and roads are in the offing.
God bless.......

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