Monday, January 3, 2011


*Can't help thinking JANET NAPOLITANO should be thinking that if she wants a "better feel for actual conditions" by 'being there' that she should visit the borders of our Southern states, especially Arizona, before she spends taxpayer monies and her time and that of her entourage and support staff traveling in areas that have little or no bearing on our homeland security.

*So Eric Holder adds a Deputy who agrees with him and the Prez that defining terrorism is not the problem since 9-11 was on a par with a criminal element or a gang war and we can take care of prosecution in neighborhood courts. Obama picks up the ball and makes an Executive appointment. Mercy me.

*Now that there is a moratorium on gulf oil drilling and we are printing money devaluing our buying power do you think the Las Vegas odds makers are laying down the line for $5 gasoline?

*Was the slow down of snow removal by the Sanitation workers in New York "business as usual" with New York union activity? Or will Bloomberg fire those responsible? What does it take to avenge the deaths of an elderly woman and a baby born on the street? How liberal can a liberal be? We'll see if or when there are repercussions.

*Added thought: Wonder what the unemployment numbers are in New York? If each of them were given a snow shovel would it have made a difference? (Would they have had to give them lesons?) And since they had to pick up 40,000 tons of litter after New Year's Eve from Times Square has anyone added their overtime pay to that picture?

*LAST BUT NOT LEAST--You all know I'm not nuts about football, but I like my kids' alma maters winning and if I have to watch or listen to Rich Rod one more year, I'M GOING TO SCREAM! I've trusted Dave Brandon and other Republicans on the Board of Regents, now as AD he needs to get that job done....

Now that Congress is going back in session, I'm considering getting back to daily posts--think about it.
God bless....

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