Monday, December 6, 2010

There are Heroes and There are Heroes...

With the heroes who fought in WWII which, by the way, is being remembered on Tuesday the 7th of December, numbering in the thousands upon thousands, you'll forgive me if Charlie Rangel and his friends and a number of "admirers" who referred to his heroism as part of the reason why they will forgive him his crimes rings hollow in my ears.

The ordinary veteran of that war and others that have followed are the men and women who make up the backbone of this country and very, very few of them have committed any kind of crime at all let alone try to justify their actions by saying that their many heroic and good deeds makes up for their "mistakes." Of course, the worst part of the entire story lies in the fact there are so many people who accept and agree with that reasoning.

How our culture has changed. True humility would be to simply admit his wrongdoing, not defend himself.

It would seem to me that the unemployment question regarding how long to continue benefits might be partially solved if the amounts are reduced on a downward sliding scale. Example: the average amount is about $1000 per month. So how about reducing the amount by 5-10% per month so by the end of a year it would be only half or less so it would pay them to get at least a part time job and be working to be free of unemployment comp. Just thinking...

Not only should government employees take a 10% pay cut, but those employed in the last few months, should be either laid off or go part time or job sharing.

Subsidies for green energy both in transportation and utilities should be stopped. If the private sector cannot work profitably, too bad.

And last, did you know that Chrysler/Fiat are investing more than $1.3 billion American in a plant in Milan to build Jeeps, expecting that over half will be sold in North America. We're subsidizing a foreign car company, folks. How does that grab you?

The cold temps are early this year.
God bless......

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