Monday, November 29, 2010

GM Rubbing Salt in the Wound...

I know, you are tired of hearing me complain about GM, but they just can't quit. Did anyone else catch the new ad during the NFL games where there is lovely piano music in the background and beginning with a boxer being knocked to the canvas? The next scene featured a space vehicle starting to rise and then settling back down, followed by Popeye falling (or drowning.) Next we see Evil Knievel missing a stunt and a guy holding him, then a guy on his hands and knees in sepia colors (to make it look like an old classic) apparently being watched by a room full of dejected guys -Popeye still falling, and Harry Truman holding up a newspaper featuring the headline touting "Dewey beats Truman." (For you younger people, he didn't.)

Ta da! Popeye magically pulls out his can of spinach, kicking his way to the surface, the boxer on the canvas shakes it off and gets up and screen black with the words: We all fall down - followed by something about needing help to get up and finally, "Thank You from GM" (Big difference, except for Knievel, there was no evidence of anyone else getting any help.)

To begin with, Obama didn't give us any choice in the matter, they profess to have paid back every penny and their spokespersons last week again lied by saying that the preferred stock holders and bond holders have been made whole, and they are the beneficiaries of $45 gazillion in tax credits over the next 20 years. All in all it gives me real heartburn to know that they have fooled the American public once again. Oh, and I still get letters from them thanking me for my loyalty and don't I want to come in and check out the new models.

A couple of topics we may want to dig into a little more deeply:

1-A friend who is undergoing chemo and has been getting a $1000 shot on a monthly basis has been told, through (not by) her doctor that the FDA says she now needs two shots instead of one. No government control?

2-Since there is no excess Social Security in the pot for the government to take and replace with a worthless IOU, they are just not going to pay the interest due on all the so-called loans they have taken thus far.

3-Wouldn't it be really easy for there to be a box on the IRS form for those making over $250,000 to check if they are a business? Then the really rich could go on to pay more--just like Warren Buffet, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, etc. Just do it without forcing their guilty consciences on others.

4-Still need to address earmarks as stand alone items. What's so hard about that?

5-Russia has finally admitted to it being Stalin who was responsible for the 1940 massacre of 22,000 Poles in the Katyn Forest--not the Nazis as they have been saying all along. (Nazis have more than their share of that kind of behavior.)

One wonders if the Japanese will ever admit to their own people, let alone the rest of the world, that they attacked Pearl Harbor and other South Pacific outposts on Dec. 7, 1941. That's a date which is coming up next week lest we forget.

What with all of the problems abounding we still had much for which to be thankful last week and which we should praise God the rest of the days. God bless......

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