Monday, December 13, 2010

Important Video on Drunk Driving

I need to ask you to be patient and understand why I can't make this easy for you. I received a You Tube video which is the most powerful "scared straight" type I have ever seen. The thing is, it isn't just for drunk or drug impaired driving which is the obvious lesson to be learned; it demonstrates what any distraction can cause and how important it is to be alert and attentive and practice defensive driving techniques at all times.

The problem with just going the usual route of embedding a video in the blog is that it doesn't include the sound due to some copyright problem. The person who sent it to me used an address which I will attempt to duplicate.

If that doesn't automatically get that line under it so you can just click on it, I'm quite sure that if you type it into the address line it will go directly to the video. Time consuming but worth it. I can't imagine why they would try to keep people from seeing it else why did they put it up in the first place?

Why am I so adamant about this? Probably most of you are unaware that in 1988 one of my four sons was killed in a motorcycle accident. Fortunately there was no alcohol or drug involved, but it may have been had it been another time. I can guarantee you that it is every Mother's prayer that if anyone in her family is involved in an accident that her family member is not at fault causing an innocent person to be hurt or killed and that her own child or family member is not a victim of the same kind of behavior.

God bless....
.....and be vigilant-

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