Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Are You Stressed Out Yet?

I know it sounds conspiracy theorist, but it just seems to me that there are too many people or factions who are hell bent on putting as much pressure on the rest of the population that they will fall without a fight because we simply are using all our energy just to maintain equilibrium and get our jobs done. Say it isn't so!

How many hours have been wasted by how many people over the question of where or if to build a mosque when there already is one four blocks away? How many people have agonized over hearing an Imam who is on the U. S. payroll making a foreign tour as our representative who returns to U. S. soil to make the observation that the concept of hallowed ground at Ground Zero is disingenuous? This is freedom run amok. It would seem to me that if localities can make laws keeping one individual from building something that obstructs another's view, there should certainly be a way to stop this nonsense, but politics will prevail when liberals are involved.

We went through months and months of being told how much money we would save with Obama Care and now the Democrats are being told not to use that as an argument in favor of it. Pelosi said we had to pass the bill to see what was in it and here we are at the same old place with more people every day deciding it was the worst thing they could have imagined.

Rec'd a photo of the speakers on the speakers' platform at Ft. Hood during the flag ceremony with everyone but the President saluting. Obama's hands folded in front of him in what was termed "the Presidential Crotch Salute." It's enough to make us scream.

Adding insult to injury, the Democrats are lying about their votes during the past 20 months like Mark Schauer. The local newspaper quoted him in one of his ads and then went on to list the ways he was not telling the truth. He is taking advantage of senior citizens by lying about privatization and NAFTA. They just parrot what he has told them. Reminds me of when that "lady" told the same story to 5 different Democrat candidates who used it as though she lived in their districts when that was not the case, but the story was a lie to begin with.

Democrat politicians have a practiced leader in Mark Brewer whose playbook contains lies, lies and more lies. "Tell it often enough and they will believe it."

We are waiting to hear whether the Tea Party will win in Delaware where they have truly become a third party and have split the Republican vote. If the young lady wins, the race will go to the Democrats as happened in New York's 23rd. Of course, that candidate was no better than the Democrat, but at least would have voted for Republican leadership which is another chapter in political science.

And of course we now have the President in full campaign mode, campaigning now on the taxpayer's dollar. For a guy who pretends to be a unifier he bad mouths the very people he says he wants to work with. And just for the record, if he cons the Republicans into giving him something, we can be sure that he will not keep any word that he gives to work with them in a future area. Remember Reagan-he worked with a tax increase with the understanding that they would cut spending. Yeah. Right. In your dreams.

How hypocritical will it be if I say "have a good day" after all this?

So I'll just say-have as good a day as you can make it--love your kids.
God bless......

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Anonymous said...

It's good to know that Tim Walberg is standing up for his principles in 2010.