Sunday, September 19, 2010

Washington, DC - the Largest Example of Discrimination in the Whole Darn Country!

1-And much of it is self-imposed. For years and years and years Blacks in DC have had to suffer second rate schools for their children. They took part in lotteries and made applications for the few spots given as scholarships in the private schools in their city. They existed in a constant state of fear and hope for the futures of their children.

Then, when they elected themselves a mayor who championed the betterment of the public schools with test scores moving up and things in general were looking up, along came the election just a few short days ago. They turned out a mayor who was concerned for their children's education because he was too friendly to white people. Now they have a mayor who made some pretty tepid promises. Wonder how long it will take for him and the electorate to forget them.

2-Just one word to the Democrats like Mark Schauer who don't want to do anything about Social Security knowing full well that they won't have to take the heat when there will be absolutely nothing left for the next generation who will be paying through the nose for the baby boomers.

The very word PRIVATIZATION is what is driving the argument. We need to demand that both parties plus the CBO and OMB "run the numbers" and figure out exactly how much the twenty-somethings and the thirties and perhaps into the forties might be phased in and let them see where there is equilibrium to pay those who are already retired or close to it will be collecting what is due.

We need to start using terms like PERSONAL SAVINGS SECURITY or something akin to it to demonstrate that this is not the risky "toss it all into the stock market" that Schauer would have them believe. He is such a charlatan. Mortgaging our children and grandchildren's futures with borrowed money while at the same time being blind to the need to actually protect Social Security rather than let it go to the point where even the IOUs are worthless.

Allowing for a personal retirement account for the younger half of the workforce ranging from 15 to 30% of their FICA tax would mean that everyone would have money that actually belongs to the individual -- actually have it in their own name and be able to spend, save or will it. It's their money!

3-I must have missed the actual date that the Student Loan program turned into the "College Grant" program. A loan needs to be repaid. A grant is free money. Now tell me-if all loans will be forgiven after a period of years depending on whether or not the recipient works for the public or private sector-doesn't that make them grants? Just more socialism and he calls it "cradle to career." He is truly a master of deceit.

4-Speaking of government jobs, how about this? We know that wage and price controls don't work. But how about freezing public job hiring? How about a 5 year attrition program?

5-Deja vu? Where have we heard the buzz words before? The stimulus money (which he now calls something else) is being doled out and millions are being spent on 55 jobs here and 24 jobs there, etc., etc. They could make these people millionaires who could live off their investments and do it cheaper having money left over. They're not calling it "shovel ready" this time, it's repairing the infrastructure. And don't forget the $26 billion a few weeks ago that saved or created so many teachers' jobs. Top it off with the bundling of mortgage money again and selling it to Fannie and Freddie. Same old, same old. The recession will not be over until they get a handle on the housing market. Visualize this: I'm sitting here just moving my head back and forth, back and forth. I just don't get it. How can they think it will work this time when it didn't the last time.?

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