Sunday, May 22, 2011

Let's Help out California--

Item-Not sure how many there are, but how about instead of letting the 40,000 felons who are responsible(?) for the overcrowding in the prisons go free, that they first take all the illegals out of the system and deport them? Some of them may not want to go, but too darn bad.

In fact, did you hear that there were over 500 in a semi truck parade standing and holding straps as politely as subway riders in New York? It would seem to be a good way to get rid of them- killing two birds with one stone as it were. I'll try to get the number and see how far it would go to solving the problem.

Item-How stupid do you have to be or, put another way, how stupid does this administration think we are, that we don't get the irony in concern about the national debt vs borrowing money to loan to foreign countries?

Item-"Our Sunday Visitor" is a Catholic weekly paper which each week features a column of Quotes. This week we read this:

"This vote is a serious disappointment and hopefully does not reflect the views of the faculty as a whole." from Holy Cross Father Bill Miscamble, president of Notre Dame's University Faculty for Life chapter, after the school's faculty senate failed to approve a motion commending the university president's commitment to life and dignity."

After the display of the Obama honors a couple of years ago and the subsequent arrests of truly pro life peaceful demonstrators, it would have been the height of hypocrisy to have commended the university president for commitment to life and dignity. In my opinion this is a breath of fresh air and a victory for honesty.

Now if they would only FREE THE 88! (This was written before I rec'd the news that the 88 have, indeed, been finally freed. Charges have been dropped. What a fiasco that was!

And finally, if you're in the Jackson area, please join us at the Under the Oaks Park for the commemoration of the founding of the Republican Party through the first State Convention and first actual use of the term "Republican." We will be giving an entertaining history lesson by a short reenactment replicating that day's events. We are encouraging the use of political signs and crowd participation. July 6 at Second and Franklin - 6:30 PM.

God bless and have a great Memorial Day and weekend.

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